I started racing in 2005 by making a couple passes in my dad's camaro and then racing my own car that was a primered 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass street car that ran 12.20. My first race in it I runner up and lost because the car ran off which also happen to be my first final. The next weeks Test-n-tune had a gamblers race which I also managed another runner up finish. When points started I decided to start off into Street class and get some driving experience on the top and bottom end of the track, 12ís is fast but was the perfect speed to learn the finish line. I ran that entire year of points and managed to win two races and finished 3rd in points. The car broke the week before Bracket Finals so I had to borrow a car to race, that didnít turn out all that bad.

              The following year (2006) we kept the car all the same and started double classing in our Modified class but didnít join there points, but joined Street Class points again. Right off the bat I was doing really well and started off leading points and never lost the lead. I won 6 Street Class races and Runner up ounce with 4 semis, then won 1 gamblers race, and also managed to runner up in modified ounce. I won the Summit Super Serious track PR for No-Box. I finished 26-4, and I also won the Street Class point serious. Winning the track PR put me in the Summit Super Serious run-off with all the other track champions. At the end of the year when points where all over I started running my dads 1968 Camaro in Top Class, trying to see how good I could be using a delay box, which didnít turn out to bad and was able to be pretty consistent.


              In 2007 we made the move to a 2007 American Racecars 235Ē swing-arm dragster that we purchased brand new from American Racecars out of Teledo Ohio. I can not thank the owners of American Racecars enough, Travis Colangelo, Mark Horton, and all they guys at American Racecars for helping make this opportunity for me to own and drive one of there racecars. I joined the Top class points and Summit Super Series and went through a huge learning process. I feel that I had a pretty awesome year winning my 3rd race out in the car and having a couple semiís finishes and was able to finish 4th overall at the end of the year and 3rd in the Summit Super Series. I also qualified for the Bracket Finals team which was 43 of the top qualifiers from our track, and squared off against other tracks in our division. During Bracket Finals race there was a couple races that took place which started with Thursday and Friday Gambler races, I was able to do really good on Thursday by making it down to the semiís and losing at 3 cars left. Friday had a good run but lost 3rd round. Come Saturday was when the main event of the Finals started where the tracks started to compete for a final score and which carried into Sunday. I was able to do really well and scored the winning point for our team and being the last car from our track left which was an awesome job from everyone on our team in all the classes and was an honor to represent our track and racers being that the race is the best of best from all around our division. At the end of every year our track holds a big Halloween race where we run off for all the year end run-offs and a 3 day racing weekend. I was able to win the main event race on Sunday which was the big money day with a Coffins of Cash race. The Final race we went to was Summit Motorsports Parkís Halloween Classic which is the biggest sportsman race in the world. I was able to also make a semi finish which was a huge accomplishment and something I will always remember.

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